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Supply Insight is an RFID software company

Supply Insight is an RFID software company. It provides cost effective solutions for different target markets. Supply Insight helps DoD suppliers to meet UID, RFID compliance and WAWF integration. Supply Insight’s Sustainable Asset Management for Healthcare™ is a one-stop solution for healthcare facilites to track all their assets. Supply Insight’s solutions are built on top of its RFID software, rPlatform™.

Supply Insight’s business model includes developing customized RFID business applications to its customers. These customized solutions are built on top of rPlatform. This model allows their customers to quickly market their ideas with very less investment. Their OEM model works well for small and medium sized customers.

Supply Insight’s flagship product, rPlatform, implements all necessary components to support RFID architecture. It communicates with readers to obtain RFID information embedded within RFID tags. It collects, filters, stores, and integrates this information with various enterprise software packages. It is a robust and scalable product with which industry applications can be developed in a very cost effective manner.

Supply Insight’s MandatePLUS™ is a one-stop solution for RFID mandate compliance with Retailers MandatePLUS includes RFID compliance server, RFID printers, readers, antennas, tags, consulting, training and support. It has necessary mechanism to integrate with Retail networks. MandatePLUS comes in two editions – Slap&Ship and Standard. MandatePLUS Slap&ship edition requires you to make only a minimum investment to become mandate compliant. MandatePLUS Standard edition is powered by rPlatform™ 2.0 with comprehensive integration with RFID hardware and enterprise systems. Standard edition will prepare you for your future RFID endeavors.

It offers a portal that correlates RFID information received from different supply chain participants to create the electronic pedigree of drugs. It provides convenient access to the pedigree for verification and regulatory purposes. It provides robust security mechanism to ensure only authorized entities have access to it.

Based entirely on open standards, rPlatform provides a distributed environment that can scale in tandem with your RFID adoption. Its open architecture provides a sound foundation for creating industry specific solutions.

Supply Insight provides various RFID services to our customers including RFID assessment, RFID project management, enterprise integration, technical consulting and RFID implementation support.