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rPlatform™ - The RFID Platform

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rPlatform™ is a robust, extensible, GS1/ISO standards-based RFID middleware product for use across the entire enterprise that interfaces with conforming and non-conforming RFID readers to write, collect, group, filter, and analyze and store tag data.

Visual Designer - Visual Designer is the rPlatform™ system-wide graphical configuration and deployment tool.

BizServer - rPlatform™ BizServer can perform various business operations on Auto-ID data including persistence, distribution and alerting to notify desired recipients using various communication protocols including Email and SMS. The built-in Enterprise Service Bus allows rPlatform™ to send Auto-ID data to downstream applications using a variety of transports and file formats.

Analyzer - rPlatform™ Analyzer filters and aggregates raw tag data and conforms input data streams to Application Level Events conforming to GS1 ALE standards (certified 1.0 compliant in 2006 and 1.1 capable) and passes these events to subscribing applications.

Adapter - rPlatform™ Adapter provides a uniform interface between EPC Gen 2 UHF and non-standard interrogators and subscribing applications. Adapter processes alert rules to activate visual and audible alarms using general purpose output ports of fixed readers.

rPlatform™ Benefits:
  • Asset Tracking & Tracing
  • Inventory Tracking and Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Product Authentication
  • Visualization & Utilization

rPlatform™ Features:
  • Agnostic hardware support for industry leading, LLRP-compliant and non-standard UHF RFID readers. Directly supporting the capabilities of UHF readers from the following manufacturers: Zebra, Impinj, Intermec, Sirit, ThingMagic, Intelleflex and Alien
  • Multiple read cycle modes including GPI-triggered and repeating
  • GPO alarming capabilities to trigger external devices
  • Alert Rule Manager with notifications & alert history
  • Full implementation of GS1 standard TDS 1.9 supporting EPC URI schemes including SGTIN, SSCC, SGLN, GRAI, GIAI, GDTI, GSRN, CPI, ADI and GID
  • Administration Dashboard and component-based health monitoring
  • EPC Repository capability
  • Multiple transports supported within our ESB
  • Optional database and transport encryption

Fully integrated, GS1 standards compliant RFID and Barcode solutions. Hybrid technology, integrating best-of-breed hardware.

rPlatform™ Zebra validated December 2016

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