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RFID Asset Tracking and Real-time visualization

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rInsight™ Visibility For Enterprise Assets all in one place

rInsight™ is an asset management application that supports the use of barcode and RFID labeling for your assets and personnel. With it, your enterprise can benefit from a single source for information regarding the location and status of both your personnel and the tools and equipment used in your business. If rInsight™ is connected to a fixed UHF RFID reader network (e.g. rPlatform™),location updates for items and people you chose to track will be available in near real time. Also, if you choose to use mobile RFID readers and/or barcode scanners (e.g. with rAgent™), you can use data collected by these devices to update rInsight™’s database regarding the location and status of your assets.

rInsight™ is designed to address the challenges of healthcare, government & defense, recreation & leisure, warehousing and manufacturing industries and incorporates existing standards and processes. It helps users gain enterprise-wide visibility for their patients, staff and/or critical assets for better decision making, operational efficiency, risk management and cost control.

rInsight™'s powerful monitor shows where your assets, items or people are located within your facilities. Monitor supports multiple map views and distributes near real time updates to all logged in users.

rInsight™ Powerful, Versatile, Accurate and Easy

Allows (.CSV) import of asset and personnel details for fast and easy setup
Contains separate modules for asset information and monitoring and personnel information and monitoring
Contains inventory management features; Check-in / Check-out, Cycle Counts and Maintenance Scheduling
Provides resources to define facility maps and locations
Provides a graphical presentation of asset and personnel location by category
Produces asset and personnel movement alerts via display, EMail, or SMS based upon a sophisticated rules engine.
Provides enterprise quality multi-user access control
Provides tools for searching and sorting large volumes of data with custom reporting capability


Supply Insight has been a leader in Auto-ID software since 2004.
Our products are GS1 and Rain compatible.
Supply Insight offers a suite of Auto-ID products designed to accommodate large and small enterprises. Our products lead the way in supporting industry-specific best practices.

rInsight™ Zebra validated December 2016

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Contact Us

Toll-Free: 844-548-5824
Phone: 860-667-2200
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