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Manufacturers can use RFID-tagged smart labels for work-in-process and lifetime tracking, materials management, inventory control, equipment service and maintenance, etc.

RFID can help track empty logistics assets or containers such as pallets, cases, cartons, kegs, cylinders, totes, etc. This represents a significant opportunity for RFID. Logistics asset operations often tend to be ignored, but account for 4-5 percent of a company's revenue. Most companies do not adequately track or maintain inventory of their logistics assets, often carrying excess inventory. These are sometimes left over at the customer location. Adequate tracking and inventory can help bill the customer for unreturned items, recouping some of the costs.

RFID can help reduce shipping errors by:

Instantly identifying the shipping container and the individual items inside.
Helping packers quickly locate and gather the items needed to complete an order.
Creating a master bar code/RFID shipping label, at the same time preparing and sending an EDI Advance Ship Notice (ASN).

Source: MARKETSTRAT INC, © 2005

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