Police Evidence Manager? Town Manager? Sports Equipment Manager? Border Patrol? Federal Agency? Forensics Department?

SI4 comp main slide aerospaceWhy shouldn't your world be much simpler than it is today? It can be, with rInsightTM  and the proper RFID tags.

Maybe we watch too much ID channel, but why should evidence or samples ever go missing again? Why should your equipment disappear or be in the wrong place when you need it?

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Accountability. Affordability.

When you're dealing with children, volunteers, and the disadvantaged, these two issues are your everyday struggles. No budget, while colleagues, children and patients are constantly going off-track.

Are you a private or public K-12? A college or trade school? A workforce training center? A half-way house? An international aid NGO? A philanthropist?

Make certain that the precious dollars from your taxpayers and donors are being applied to the right things, and have a way to prove it in real-time. On field trips or bus routes, make sure the students that get off are all accounted for when they get on, and vice-versa.

With rInsightTM your assets in New York or Michigan can now be tracked simultaneously in Malaysia or India or Nigeria or Brazil or Bahrain or wherever you wish that has a cellphone or wifi connection.

rInsight even works offsite in the most remote locations as well as it does in the home office. If you care about your human and other assets, you can't afford not to have rInsightTM.

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