Managing assets and inventory is the “secret killer” of operations in today's business:

  • Work in Process? Remove the glitches in work orders, Bill of Materials, take-offs, sample-tracking in healthcare, in fact any movement process.
  • Misplaced tools and equipment? They impair operations and hit the bottom line directly.
    Theft and lost items? These average 4-6% of gross revenues lost annually across all businesses.
  • Cycle count nightmares? The traditional way is expensive, inaccurate, time-consuming, and unnecessary. rInsight does accurate cycle counts in 1/20 of the time.

We’ve eliminated these revenue-killers with our turnkey RFID/barcode solutions by using the power of RFID and cutting-edge technology to give you 24/7 views of your item status ... Affordably:


TTT-Flow ($4,999.00) - handheld reader, one (1) fixed reader, two (2) antennas, 75 mixed-use tags, iPod + mobile app, portal, BI, data import assistance & training.

TTT flow bundle image 200k

If your company has over 500 high-value or high-risk items, we can demonstrate that our combo RFID/Barcode solution will pay for itself within 4-6 months. Guaranteed.

Let us show you why the latest technology is another level of business-ready than previous generations, and why our solution fits within any budget and gives almost immediate benefits.


Our TTT hardware partners are uniquely powerful.

CS108 263x300




Our TTT tag partners have the perfect tag for every situation.

We are the tag experts - on-metal and standard

  • tagsVisinex, a made-in-USA with the best on-metal tags to be found anywhere
  • Omni, an industry leader in on-metal tags for oil and gas, rugged locations, etc.
  • Xerafy, an up and coming innovator in the hardened industrial and specialty tag arena
  • Alien, a quality and affordability leader for general-use tags across an array of industries
  • Metalcraft, top-of-the-line customized tags for difficult specialized situations
  • Molex, high-quality RFID-ready connectors, cables, and opticals
  • MPI, every imaginable label, and custom encoding to enhance your brand