Why won't my initial .csv files import into rInsight Portal?

9 months 1 week ago - 9 months 1 week ago #28 by czanard
It is required that data be imported in the following order due to dependencies:
1. Locations
2. Structures
3. Levels
4. Zones
5. Assets
6. Goods Masters
7. Goods

Dependency Specification:
• Each Location contains one or more Structures (i.e. buildings) so a Location must be created before a Structure can be created.
• Each Structure contains one or more Levels (i.e. floors) so a Structure must be created before a Level can be created.
• Each Level contains one or more Zones (e.g. dock door, room 1) so a Level must be created before a Zone can be created.
• Each Zone is associated with one or more Assets and/or Goods so a Zone should be created before Assets and Goods are created.
• Each Goods Master has one or more instances called Goods so a Goods Master must be created before a Good can be created.

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