Why are no Assets, Goods Masters and/or Goods populating in rInsight Mobile?

9 months 1 week ago - 9 months 1 week ago #33 by czanard
Assuming you have set up your locations correctly and that there were no issues syncing the Assets, Goods Masters, and Goods screens are initially blank until you type in the search bar.

Search requires a minimum of 2 characters where 2 characters performs a case-insensitive search with a right wildcard (e.g. searching "do" may return Door, Dog, etc), and 3 performs a case-insensitive search with left and right wildcards (e.g. searching "oor" may return Door, Floor, etc). “All” returns all results.

If Assets, Goods Masters, and/or Goods still are not showing up, you may need to contact us for troubleshooting or technical support.

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