Revolutionizing asset and inventory tracking · The original and best app for "mobilized" combo RFID/Barcode readers from TSL, ASR, Zebra · Unique technology simplifies inventory process · Eliminates need for jobs, picklists, and re-counts · The perfect solution for SMBs, govt. and education · Incomparable ease of use, simple commissioning · Choose local-only or secure cloud for global 24/7
rInsight™ Mobile is the world's only industrial-strength bring-your-own-device (BYOD) platform that combines asset management and bulk inventory and uses the incredible TSL 1128/1166, ASR AS250R and Zebra RFD8500 radio-frequency identification (RFID) handheld Bluetooth readers.
The only affordable industrial-strength tracking solution, with key features such as combined RFID and barcodes reading for inventory, RSSI "Geiger-counter" locating and auto-detection of asset or bulk items. Benefits: Reduce inventory from hours to seconds using RFID without sacrificing support for existing barcode-only inventory processes. Reduce ERP/tracking solution costs with affordable subscriptions and grow on an as-needed basis when scaling operations. Reduce hardware costs by 60% with smartphones, tablets and the latest in handheld Bluetooth combo RFID/Barcode readers for simultaneously reads. Replace expensive and soon-obsolete Motorola, Intermec, Zebra and Alien traditional proprietary readers with new more powerful non-proprietary readers and greatly simplified apps. Local data storage on the smartphone or tablet enables full functionality with or without network (WiFi or cell) connectivity. Easy and inexpensive integration with your existing inventory systems using CSV/Excel/Numbers/GoogleSheets import/export. Powerful, instant data consolidation, synchronization and reporting between mobile app and secure cloud portal. Instant Variance Reports and Location Disposition during the Take Inventory process eliminates the horrors of jobs, picklists, and re-counts. Supports Bluetooth UHF RFID and 1D/2D Barcode Readers (UPC, EAN, ITF, Code 39, Code 128, QR Code). RFID Locating using RSSI or ASR radar finder.
Vetted by high-profile manufacturers and industry standards experts, our tracking attributes cover 99% of all types of items.
Instant, real-time location-based variance reporting, when combined with bad-read sifting, enables you to get accurate, complete inventories and logging that eliminates the traditional job/picklist/recount struggles.
Keeping your data consolidated and accurate is now a breeze compared to clumsy, out-dated traditional systems.